About Maura

Some realtors claim to specialize in military moves but don’t know the difference between a TDY and a TLF, or that a “remote” is not always something used to change the channel.

As a military spouse, I provide realtor services with the unique understanding that only those who have walked the walk can offer. During 17 military moves in 18 years I have:

  • Traveled 26 hours (without my spouse) with 3 young children to a country that drove on the wrong side of the road
  • Learned that a coffee maker, toilet paper, and the base transportation office phone number, are the only MUST-HAVE items before the moving van pulls up to unload
  • Understand why there are at least 5 different colored numbered moving stickers on the back of my china cabinet
  • Experienced the challenge of finding a good hairdresser, nail tech, dentist, car mechanic, dry cleaner, seamstress, piano teacher, soccer league, childcare provider, (must I go on!) with every move
  • Gone without a home cooked meal for over a month during a PCS move while collecting all the free toys from kid’s meals from the base fast food restaurant
  • Learned how to find which school in the area is REALLY the best .

As a military spouse I have been there, done that, got the T-shirt, — and would have been given the PCS coin if it existed.   I really do “get it” when it comes to understanding a military PCS move.

I have lived in Panama City since 1993, been a Realtor since 1998 and raised 3 children through the Bay County school system. I have been one of the top Realtors in Bay County for over 10 years and can provide unmatched personalized realtor services for military and civilian families relocating to Panama City.

My Real Estate sales stats include:

  • Over $67 million of real estate sold
  • A Century 21 Centurian for the last 4 years (a top honor based on sales)
  • Exceeded expectations both in yesterday’s booming Real Estate market and continues to excel in today’s more challenging Real Estate market

Please contact me today and let’s start finding your home in Bay County, Florida!